Seminarhaus Burg Lutter

About us

A group of people found the castle in 1982.
Since then, we live here as a commune. This means we live on the same site and share an economy.

Burg Lutter - Luftbild

We get our funds to live on running our small home-based businesses, like the carpentry, an apple-juice press and the conference-holiday house. We don't want money from the state, so they can't just blackmail or extort us. We operate a small agricultural system with which we grow our own food in the gardens. What we need, we usually can get through exchange with other projects we support. It makes us happy to spend the least possible money on supermarkets or natural-produce shops.

The youngest communards were born here, and the oldest is 86. We consider ourselves, homo-, hetero- and anything in between both concepts. Almost all of us are or used to be white.

We seek to live in community without authority or hierarchies, but find it hard sometimes to define what form that takes. We make our decisions based on consensus. We have the right to veto. The meaning of both words (veto and consensus) is always a topic of hot debate. We seek to work independently. Not all of us want the same nor achieve the same, so we base our work on the principles of compensation. At times, there is lack of wanting to take responsibility. Sometimes we just can't achieve our needs of taking a break ad relaxing.