Seminarhaus Burg Lutter

Good to know

Here, all guests are responsible for cleaning the spaces and equipment they have used during their stay.

Seminar- & Ferienhaus Burg Lutter

What to bring:

The most important thing to bring is definitely bedding and a sleeping bag. We also recommend you bring slippers, because they make the stay more comfortable and the cleaning easier.

If, by any chance, you know how to use a chainsaw and feel confident going so, bring it over! It makes chopping wood so much easier.

Leave your pets at home. Many free-range animals live on these premises. New dogs, on a leash or not, are stressful for the poultry and sheep living here. Our animals don't recognize the leash, only the predator, and they don't want to know if he/she bites. As result, this can also be stressful for us.

Please understand hat we don't always have the time nor energy to spend time with our guests. Even though you might be on holidays, or on a educational course, on a political trip or partying, it is an exceptional time for you. We live here and need time to rest and deal with our own things. Thank you!