Seminarhaus Burg Lutter

Bigger groups- more than 40 guests

Seminar- & Ferienhaus Burg Lutter 10

If you are coming in a bigger group, we can also provide space for you! Outside there is plenty camping space with which we provide a gas cooker, a camping kitchen tent, a dwarf boiler, tables for cutting, a storage rack and a kitchen sink. We lend equipment and help you build it up for a 20 € fee. The kitchen can be put up with the help of 4 people in aprox.2 hours.

In front of the holiday rental there is small round building with three extra WCs.


Furthermore, you can also rent the Brauhaus building ( the "brewery"), for 20 €/day. Even though this space has no oven and can't be heated up, it's the perfect space for eating together, dancing and movie proyections. If interested, you can look up the prices page for renting out our beamer or music system.


Seminar- & Ferienhaus Burg Lutter 11

The house has 38 beds and you can always camp outside if you need more. Even though we do believe caravans and other big vehicles are much more comfortable, we don´t really have parking space for them and they tend to leave oil stains on our paths. We don´t want to add "oil spill-cleanup" to our list of tasks. Those who help build up and take down the sites will be treated like the rest of the group. If you are many and would like to acquire big amounts of food from the supermarket, w recommend you call beforehand to know if hey have enough supplies (Tel:05383/415).