Seminar- & Ferienhaus Burg Lutter

The house

From November we have heating throughout the house. There is a communal shower-room in the house with running warm water.

Fassade in Schwedenfarbe

The house is subdivided in 4 apartments, each with its own kitchen, a bathroom with WC, a lounge or sitting-area and different bedrooms with 2-6 beds in each, as well as bunk-beds. Every bed has a covered mattress, but you should each bring your own pillows, sheets, sleeping bags and slippers. Meals can be prepared on the gas oven or kitchen stove. Pots and dishes are also a part of the basic equipment, and everything is in the same state as the group before you left it. We do renovate the house constantly, but, for the price we offer, we can´t ensure a complete quality control ad replace material every time we get a new booking. This is the case of burned pots, mouldy coffee-kettles, water cookers, therms, baking tins and baking trays. Whoever enjoys working with sharp knives or top notch cooking utensils, should bring them from home. We do not provide more equipment because we can´t make sure that they will be cared for (we also have no time for puzzling lost pieces of mixers and stirrers together) We´d like to ask you to kindly put back all material, equipment and furniture where you found it in the house.
The same applies to food supplies: you can bring it yourself or buy it in the village. There is a supermarket that opens until 8pm from Monday to Sunday at a 5minute walk. You can also purchase our own agricultural products here; we have eggs in Spring, sheep cheese in Summer and apple juice all year round. Our overnight prices are so cheap because you clean the space you use. We provide all equipment and cleaning products. Please, remember to leave enough time for the final clean-up.

All apartments are divided as following:

Fassade in Schwedenfarbe
  • Upper left:
    1 room with 2 bunk-beds. The lower mattresses are 1,5m wide. The upper ones, 1m wide.
    1 room with a bunk-bed and a single bed.
    Special features: Solar shower
  • Upper right:
    1 room with a double bed
    1 room with a bunk-bed and a single bed
    1 room with 2 bunk-beds
    Special features: Bigger living room (40m²)
    Solar shower
  • Below right:
    1 room with 4 joined sleeping places
    1 room with 2 alcove-beds, you have to enter this room to get to the next
    1 room with a bunk-bed
    1 room with 2 bunk-beds
    Special features: Bathtub and bathroom boiler
  • Below left:
    1 room with two beds
    1 room with two bunk-beds
    Special feature: wheelchair access to bathroom