Seminarhaus Burg Lutter

How to get here

Seminar- und Ferienhaus Burg Lutter
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Train and Bus

You can travel by train or bus. The closest train station is Salzgitter-Ringelheim; everyday, trains arrive there all the way from Braunschweig, Hannover and Kreiensen. Buses leave Salzgitter-Ringelheim daily towards Lutter am Baremberge. However, take into account that from Saturdays at 12 midday on and on Sundays, these buses will only drive if you call them 1 hour beforehand. Number: 05381/1455. When you get to Lutter, get off at the market square and walk up the road the last 200m, passing by the church until you get to the big courtyard entrance. The castle grounds-entrance is cast in sandstone rocks and fringed by majestic trees. Now, you just have to follow the cobbled street until you get to the biggest chestnut tree in the bailey. On the left side of the courtyard, you can see a timber-framed house; that's our rental home. The path goes on for another 100m and you have arrived! This exact same route can be taken by bus or train from Goslar or Seesen.

By car

By car, be sure to take the exit towards Bockenem/Lutter o the A7, and follow the signs to Bodenstein. In the village Lutter you can see only two towers from far away, one is the church steeple and the other belongs to us, the castle. Once you get to the village, follow the road until the intersection and take the first exit to the left (on the B248) and make a right turn shortly after that, towards Ostlutter. After 100m you can already see the church. When you get there, take a sharp right and enter the castle-grounds.

Seminar- & Ferienhaus Burg Lutter

There are 3 parking spots available in front of the holiday house. If you come with more cars, you can always park on the road behind the premises. Please don't leave your car on the paths or in the courtyard (firefighters access) nor on the meadows (take into account that those pastures feed our animals).

By bike

By bike, you can ride through Königsweg, Ostlutter or Neuwallmoden to avoid busy streets.


By horse

By horse, you can give us a call during our office hours and we will guide you to us.